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Scientific Astrologer


Scientific Astrology

Deep Research & Analysis on astrology science through our ancient vedantas. Our long journey of practical learnings of Bhakti yoga and study of vedas facilitates aligning four wheels of Life cycle


Vedic Astrology

Mastery in the traditional Hindu system of astrology. An approach aiming to bring harmony for Mind & Soul by true mapping of Thrill, Skill & Drill of an oneself. "Building and helping humanity"


KP Astrology

Specialist in advance techniques for predicting an accurate Promise & Timing of events. Acting as a 'Alchemist' by changing the school of thought of astrology through a well defined science.


Mantra Healing

Healing techniques on how to manage different situations with a balanced and healthy 'Mind', a journey of educating oneself internally. Constantly bringing effective natural aid to Body & Soul.

Benefits of Lifestyle Consultants

  • Aligning and balancing these 4 wheels of life cycle

  • The 4 wheels are Thought Process (नीयत), Actions (नीति), Destiny (नियति) and Challenges (चुनौतियां).

  • A Scientific Mapping of Thrill, Skill & Drill of the Soul... 'TSD' Therapy

  • Reduces the pain of coming obstacles if any by choosing the right path paved by our gurus

  • Find, follow & adopt oneself destined path of Present and Future.

  • Accelerates the body's Self Healing abilities

  • Gives us a 'Happy Peace of Mind' and 'Strong Mental Strength' throughout our lives.

  • Balancing of Materialistic, Emotional and Spiritual quotients.

  • Unstoppable flow of positive energy through all 'Seven Chakaras'

  • Development of strong immune systems


About Us 

“Discovery to Action”… A New Age Thought Leadership Astrology.

A group of Thought Leaders turning to astrologer cum educationalist. Having a background of more than 26+ years of national & International Market experience, expertise in bringing Swiss Army Knife like Life Solutions.


Our long journey of practical learnings of "Bhakti Yoga" and deep study of "Vedas" finally concludes that our whole life cycle moves on 4 wheels. The 4 wheels are Thought Process (नीयत), Actions (नीति), Destiny (नियति) and Challenges (चुनौतियां). The journey of Defining Future starts with aligning and balancing these 4 wheels of life cycle.


Redefining the Intelligence of Astrology| Numerology| Business Success| Career Growth| Relations

Some Services Offered


Professional Journey

Money is the necessity for making our lives comfortable. This is the truth of Life...

Is Job or Own Business suited for me? Will I get a Government Job?


Business Accelerator

All of us desire to become a person of our own choices. The Demand and Supply wheel...

Why money is not coming from the customers at right time?


Mantra Healing

What is lifestyle for all of us in today's Challenging and Dynamic Materialist World...

Are we fully engaged in "Survival for the Fittest" working environment?


Wealth Management

Its an old wise saying "Money saved is Money Earned". Materialistic gains is the...

How can I increase my Bank Balance? When should I buy a House?

Satisfied  Clients

Mr Pankaj

He guides you towards good energy. His vast knowledge comforts you, and his energy is contagious.


Ms Aanchal

 He does detailed analysis and spent quality time to explain various astrological aspects.  I have accurate direction for the journey of life.


Mr Sagar

His insight helped me make key decisions for my fast growing company.  I am now more certain of what I need to do.

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