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Why an Astrologer should also learn Krishnamurti Padhdhati (KP) Astrology also?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Our long journey of practical learnings of "Bhakti Yoga" and deep study of "Vedas" finally concludes that our whole life cycle moves on 4 wheels. The 4 wheels are Thought Process (नीयत), Actions (नीति), Destiny (नियति), and Challenges (चुनौतियां). The journey of Defining Future starts with aligning and balancing these 4 wheels of the life cycle

“Vedic Astrology” is the mother and all other types of astrology study are the subsets of this. During my teaching sessions to learned astrologers, the most common question& difficult answer to be given is on “Accuracy of the timing of Events”

The predictive principles used in Vedic astrology are full of alternatives and if properly applied at times, miss precisely the nature and time of the event in question. I have personally faced this issue as knowing Vedic Science takes years to understand. After 26 years of learning, at times I feel that it’s still which is something left to be learned. This is the beauty of our ancient science.

Almost 13 years ago, my Guru asked me to learn KP astrology also & started drilling the same in 2004. All of us might be aware of the basic principle of KP which is Planet, its Star-Lord, Its Sub Lord & its Sub Sub Lord. The Nirayana Cuspal Chart gives a new way to explore the alternatives. This Stellar theory is being used to reach the precise timing of events. This astrology is also not as simple as it has so many advanced levels to be studied.

KP astrology also opened a new chapter of “Horary Astrology” whose accuracy of predicting a “Yes” or “No” answer also depends upon so many factors. “Ruling Planet” science has definitely helped in improvin

g the accuracy rate of predictions.

I found “Grouping of the house” in KP astrology quite interesting and worth studying. My personal experience after learning the deepest roots of KP Astrology believe me to state that this is additional science, which every astrologer must study along with Vedic Science.

Astrology is not a predicting tool but a tool to plan one’s life as per defined destiny. A strong k knowledge of Mother Science which is Vedic along with KP astrology is a perfect blend for knowing one's Destiny and Challenges faced thereon. It helps perfectly in reducing the pain of coming obstacles if any by choosing the right path at the right time.

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