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Business Accelerator

All of us desire to become a person of our own choices. We want to be self-employed as it gives lots of opportunities to showcase our strengths. The demand and supply wheel in running the own business is bit complicated. I am myself a professional turned businessman. The questions which keep on knocking are:

  1. What is the business line best suited for me ?

  2. Is business a right choice for me?

  3. Shall I do an individual business or choose a partner?

  4. Will my partnership a fruitful one?

  5. Shall I involve my family members in my business?

  6. On whose name the business should be operated?

  7. Why money is not coming from the customers at right time?

  8. How can I increase my customer inflow?

  9. Why I have suffered losses in the business?

  10. What is the right time for expanding the business?

  11. Shall I invest in the new Business?


Doing the own business is a calculated risk. Job gives a defined salary but business is generally a make or break action. There are nothing predefined rules for money inflow or outflow. Business is an application of combination of art as well as science.

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