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Gem Stones

Gems are one of the most wonderful creations of our mother nature.  Gem stones are found in natural form in many shapes and colors. They differ in physical & chemical properties from one another. Gems are associated with Planets, based on the color and the effect that is produced by wearing the same.


Gem selection is made after a careful analysis of the lordships of houses and strength of planets. Utmost care has to be taken as a planet behaves functionally for any ascendant & parallel act as Natural Benefic or Malefic also. Science of Shadbala has also to be used for finding the right gem.


Quality of Gem and its fixing is the top most challenge in today’s life. Always Purchase good quality Gems from dependable sources only. More importantly, always set the gems in the right metal. Do not go by the cost or appearance. Gems should be set by an expert in such a way that the rays of the Sun can pass through the gem and reach your body like the bottom of the gem should not be covered by metal. The gems should not be exposed to heat or scratched by sharp objects. We recommend to remove the gems while bathing


People follow the rituals according to your faith and practice. Try to Pray or meditate for few minutes to purify your mind & soul before wearing any gem. Plan your activities in such a way that you will be able to wear the gem exactly at the recommended muhurat.


Any recommended do not remain the most suitable for you through our life. It may have to be reviewed depending on the changes in your personal life and dasa periods. More over the importance and priorities you attach to the problems may also shift from time to time.


A suggestion on Gems life period:  Pearl (2 years), Ruby (4 years), Emerald (3 years), Diamond (7 years), Red Coral (3 years), Yellow Sapphire (4 years), Blue Sapphire (5 years), Hessonite (3 years) and Cat's Eye  is 5 years. It is suggested that a new ring is made with a new stone after this period for best results.








Red Coral

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