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Rudraksha Kawach

Remedies on Problems in Life are being through Medical Science, Mantra & Gems. Toughest is moving original planetary position which is being done in extreme cases. 


Rudraksha is another tool being used for giving Solutions. It has been found in Upanishads and Vedic text that Rudraksha or रुद्राक्ष   is the most important bead for alignment of self and fulfillment of life goals.  It need deep study on which Rudraksha out of 21 available will help as per Planets defined in any Kundli. All 21 Rudraksha has a controlling planet, Purpose of life & Chakra in our body where every issue is defined as a purpose through the association & adoption of Rudraksha in defining the objective to one’s life.


It also needs Initiation through proper Mantras defined respectively for each Rudraksha.


Certification on quality of Rudraksha is equally important because of Intensity of Electric & Magnetic energy being generated through them. It's like a Gem but with no side effects. Gem remedy is costly like Neelam is too costly but alternative of any stone is already given in Sri Mad Bhagwatam. 


Our experience proves that the Rudraksha Remedies is an ideal for every individual as it comprises of the combinations of the power of Rudraksha with the supreme mantras to facilitate in removing the malefic effects of planets along with the chakra balancing of individuals


एक मुखी

It's ruling planet is Sun and ruling Deity is Shiv Prabhu. Element is Fire. It helps in increasing concentration and confidence. It also reduces our Anxiety and Depression and improves digestive systems 


सात मुखी

It's ruling planet is Saturn and ruling Deity is MahaLakshmi. Element is Air. It helps in curing heart diseases and stomach ailments. It facilitates in winning Litigations and Disputes.


दस मुखी

It's ruling planet is Mercury and ruling Deity is Batuk Bhairav. Element is Air. It is a symbol of ten avatar of Lord Vishnu. It helps in curing restlessness and hypertension


चौदह मुखी

It's ruling planet is Saturn and ruling Deity is Shiv ji and Hanuman ji. Element is Air. It enhances intuitive power and decision making. It helps in memory loss and spin related issues.

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