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Professional Journey

Money is the necessity for making our lives comfortable. This is the truth of life. Earning money through different professions is the key factor in anybody’s life. Before starting a career or during the professional journey, questions posed to all of us are:

  1. What is right profession for me?

  2. Why is my professional life fluctuating?

  3. Am I getting the right rewards at the right time in my Job?

  4. Why I have lost my Job though I was performing well?

  5. When will I get a new Job?

  6. Is Job or Own Business suited for me?

  7. What is the right time for starting a Business?

  8. Will I get a government Job?

  9. When will I get a promotion?


Choosing a profession is not so important. Aligning the profession chosen as per the destiny is the key to success. Ups and downs are part of life. Knowing the challenges beforehand and then structuring our actions and thought processes accordingly reduces the mental stress to great extent.

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