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Marriage/ Match making

In our Indian culture, generally Marriage means a “bond” between two partners as well as with the two families. We have seen thousands of horoscopes but most common questions which come across are:

  1. Will it be a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

  2. What is right time for getting married?

  3. Why my marriage is getting delayed?

  4. Will I get a working partner?

  5. How many Gunas are getting matched?

  6. Why my relationships are not smooth?

  7. Why I am getting divorce?

  8. What are the best parameters a successful marriage?

  9. Is there any extra marital relationship?

  10. Will my Luck change after the marriage?

  11. Do I have a “Manglik” dosha?

  12. Can a Manglik marry a non Manglik?


This needs a deep understanding of both Vedic & Naddi astrology. A good astrologer should have sound knowledge of “12 Gunas” as each of them has a role to play in making the relationships happy and smiling one. Few important ones to mentions are VARNA, VASYA, GRAHA MAITRI, RASHYADHIPAT. BHAKUTA etc. PAPASAMYAM MATCHING is one of the very crucial decisive factor which is being used very rarely in today’s world.

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