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Foreign Settlement

This is the top of mind question in our today’s young generation. Even parents inclination especially in Metros is towards sending a Child to the foreign land for any type of studies. Any person in Job will love to settle outside India. Historical data of some states of India shows that there is at least one member amongst the family who is settled abroad. Few queries I generally come across are:

  1. Will my Child settle abroad?

  2. Will my child go for higher studies in foreign land?

  3. When can I get an opportunity to get a job outside India?

  4. Shall I go for permanent settlement outside India?

  5. Why my Visa is getting rejected?

  6. Which country outside India is best suited for my professional growth?

  7. When will I get the immigration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc?

  8. Why I am not successful in foreign land?

  9. Why I am not getting a job after completing my foreign education?

  10. Shall I do a business outside India?


This is one of the trickiest settlement of life. Grass seems to greener on the other side but actual story is not always true. A good guide is always needed to plan this foreign journey whether related to studies, Immigration, Job or Business.

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