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Wealth Management

It’s an old wise saying “Money saved is Money Earned”. Materialistic gains is the top most priority for majority of the individuals. Fluctuations in material life can create stress in all spheres of our life. Few questions:

  1. How can I increase my bank balance?

  2. Where should I invest for increasing my wealth?

  3. Why there is always a fluctuation in my materialistic life?

  4. Why I have lost money in share trading?

  5. What is the right time for speculation?

  6. Will I win a lottery?

  7. Shall I go for gambling?

  8. When shall I buy a house?

  9. Why investing in property is not fruitful?

  10. Will I be rich or middle class throughout my life?


We have come across people whose earnings are quite handsome but they are always hand to mouth. “Lakshmi Ji”, the goddess of wealth attitude is quite dynamic. An astrologer has to play a double role of an Educationalist also for planning any ones materialistic life.

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