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Secrets on Principles of Transit Techniques in Astrology?

Transit planet shows the results of the houses “occupied & aspected” and the “ownership” of the houses owned in D1 like Mars the owner of 5th houses in D1 & transiting in 8th house means worries might be because of 5th house matters. Vacant house in D1 gets priority or Mooltrikona also gets priority.

Again it is better to understand that, whereas in natal charts the results of the planets get modified due to their FUNCTIONAL nature and special ASPECTS of Jupiter and Saturn, in transit they generally give results of their Natural nature, mostly unaltered by functional nature.

Some important facts to be kept in mind are:

1. Transiting Jupiter (1st rate benefic) & Saturn (1st rate malefic) has to affect the event-related houses/house lord of the Antar Dasha lord or the Maha Dasha lord. If both these transiting planet do not affect, the event will not take place (very rare chance) though Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha lord might be showing the event occurrence.

2. The Sun & Moon by their movement in the NAKSHATRAS of the lords of the house signifying the event or NAKSHATRA of the Maha Dasha or Antar Dasha lord further precise the time to the Month & the Day

3. Transiting Planet if in Conjunction with Natal Planet or aspecting the Natal Planet by 7th Aspect will INFLUENCE the areas of the life which is being signified by the NATAL planet by Occupancy & Ownership. If the Natal planet is Untenanted, Influence will be MORE. House owned by the Natal planet which is Vacant will have more influence. Common aspected house between the transiting planet & the natal planet will have MAXIMUM Effect. Difficult aspects may lead to serious misjudgments, exaggerated or extravagant behavior and bad luck.

4. POWER of the transiting Planet can be assessed by the “Five Fold” methodology being devised through deep research by Defining Future

5. The position of Ketu in the Birth Chart or Transit part of the horoscope tells that the person is not going to be DECEIVED in regard to that particular part of LIFE. The person can’t be swayed by how other person thinks regarding that particular house matter where KETU sits. The person understands the principle of Cause & Effect.

6. A RETROGRADE planet in D1 means that there are Karmas left in the previous birth which requires more EFFORTS in the present birth. The areas are the Houses OWNED by the Retro planet usually don’t let the effects of these houses to occur easily. In Transit, this Retro planet in D1 MUST be in forwarding position for an event to take place. If it is in Retro state in Transit also, the event will not take place by any means or there is going to huge efforts required for making the event to happen. The other scenario is that a DIRECT planet in D1 but RETRO in Transit DEFER its results temporarily until it becomes DIRECT

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