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Unrevealed facts for analyzing “Divisional Charts’ in Astrology?

Any D-Chart is used for analyzing the particular aspect of life by studying the corresponding divisional chart (D-Chart) like D9 is used to study the Marriage aspect & the fortune of an individual. Similarly, D7 is referred for looking at Progeny Insights.

In D1 Chart, a House tells multiple portfolios. It may be one, some or all of them going bad. Some of them may still remain good. The biggest challenge is “How to differentiate which goes good and which bad”? There are a number of ways suggested but have no doubt suggested but unfortunately, even then correct judgments cannot be achieved. Division Chart is the only way for successful analysis.

1) Most important untold fact: In any D-chart, only the NATURAL BENEFICS & MALEFICS are to be considered and not the functional ones. The effects of planets in the D-chart get modified by conjunction or aspect of other planets in the D-Chart. Among benefics, JUPITER is the only planet to alleviate the evil indicated by a planet in a bad position in D-chart. If this JUPITER is powerfully situated in that D-chart his aspect is certainly of effect, but a debilitated JUPITER cannot be BANKED upon

2) D1 is the SUPER Chart. Any “Promise” & the “Quality of Promise” whether negative or positive has to be seen in D1 Chart only. The same can be confirmed from the respective D Chart. An afflicted or vanquished planet (in a planetary fight) in D-l is of no avail in D-chart even if he is well and powerfully situated in D-chart. He will give the worst results to that D-effect if he is also badly placed in D-chart. It practically amounts to dealing with a dead object. A planet WEAK in strength in D1 Chart does not improve its position in D Chart if even having high strength in D-chart & vice versa. Major confusions rotate around this concept.

3) D-Charts are seen for Antra Dasha (AD) & Prayantra Dasha (PD) Only. The planets well placed & unafflicted in respective D- Chart connected with the Ascendant or occupying 1/4/7/10/5/9 positions promote the matters in the respective AD or PD

4) During any AD or PD, if its LORD is giving any positive or negative IMPACT for any house matters in D1, we can CONFIRM the same from the respective DIVISIONAL Chart (like any AD lord sitting in 4rth house and aspecting 10th & 10th House results are coming BAD in the present AD, then to see the actual confirmation we can see the D10 Chart for that House matters)

5) 1st HOUSE in any D-Chart tells about the FOUNDATION of the house concerned & it shows ONE's ATTITUDE for exploring the OPPORTUNITIES of the house concerned like if in D10, 1st House is SPOILED, the Career foundation is weak & Person will not make full efforts itself

6) Last but most important is the availability of correct “Birth Time”. Any reference of D-Chart after D12 requires accuracy on Birth Time. D60 also known as Shastiamsa is used for judging all aspects of life. It’s a very powerful chart but can be used only if the birth time is correct within two minutes.

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