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How to guess the “Financial Position” of an Individual?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Under the Ashtakavarga system, a Sarvashtakvarga is a table prepared for Kundli by adding up the individual bhinnashtakvarga scores of each of the 8 planets. (7 planets and ascendant). It tells about the strength of the house and how favorable or unfavorable each house and its transits would be. The only advice is that it can’t be used as a standalone tool for true findings. It’s a subset of Vedic & KP astrology

1) If in all the houses of the horoscope, there are benefic dots between 27 to 29 then the individual leads a happy and leisurely life throughout his life span. This is a very rare combination available in any horoscope.

2) In case the benefic dots in the 11th house are less than the 10th house then the native will get less money as compared to the efforts put in by him and this will impact the savings. The more the difference in the benefic dots, the lesser is the saving potential. We always guide such a person to always go for a forced saving attitude.

3) 12th signifies loss, isolation and foreign land/culture. If the 12th house has more number of dots as compared to the 1st house, the chances of going to a foreign land or culture change increases. A higher difference between the dots of 12th House & 11th House may indicate a spendthrift individual also.

4) If the 10th house is strong and has more than 30 dots and the 11th house has less than 20 dots, then the individual will face financial ups and downs in life.

5) If the sum total number of dots of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th house is more than 175 then the native will be wealthy. The bigger the number of dots above 175, the better the wealth and luxury.

6) If the 11th House has less than 28 points, then also look at the house where Venus's planet is placed. THEN 11TH HOUSE FROM THAT LOCATION ALSO INDICATES WEALTH. Also look at if Venus dasha is there in the horoscope, then the person might become multi-millionaire during that dasha.

7) Counting from ascendant and starting from the 4th house till the 9th house if all the 6 houses have benefic dots between 28 and 30, then the individual shall after the age of 28 at any time will gain wealth.

8) If there are 30 or more benefic dots in the Ascendant, 9th house, 10th house and the 11th house, then such an individual will be happy all throughout his life or shall be a powerful & an influential person.

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