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Important hidden “Secret of Astrology” being ignored for ages

Our long journey of practical learnings of "Bhakti Yoga" and deep study of "Vedas" finally concludes that our whole life cycle moves on 4 wheels. The 4 wheels are Thought Process (नीयत), Actions (नीति), Destiny (नियति), and Challenges (चुनौतियां). The journey of Defining Future starts with aligning and balancing these 4 wheels of the life cycle.

​The benefit of knowing one's Destiny and Challenges faced thereon is to reduce the pain of coming obstacles if any by choosing the right path paved by our gurus. Knowing and interpreting the future is a well-defined science and an art which comes only by the blessing of the 'Supreme Power'

The FIRST prediction I generally give to everyone is that what is the purpose of your life and why you have come on this earth? The answers can be like you are an unknown Spiritual Guru who is deep into Mediation while leading a life of Grahista or maybe a high political figure who lead an ordinary life but destined to become a Prime Minister at some point of time or a person who will start his life as a normal man turning into a highly qualified management professional & finally leaving everything in the name of GOD.

When we study astrology we reject simple-looking techniques which in one shot can help in defining the purpose of life & aligning the same as per the last two wheels which are Destiny & Challenges.

During our ancient days, Astrology software’s were not there, the first thing one would ask the other is what is the birth dasha balance of the chart which is related to the Moon Nakshatra? The second question was regarding the Ascendant Nakshatra we are born in.

Defining the strongest of the above will come through experience & deeper studies. Studying these two points will give you a clear picture of the “Life Cycle & Purpose of the Soul” in the present life.

Giving you some hints for taking out the conclusion in your individual charts:

Step 1:

a) Look at Maha Dasha operating at Birth from Moon Nakshatra & Mark this Planet

b) Find the natural Signification of this Planet

c) Mark Houses owned by this Planet as the Energy signified by the Planet will be spent the maximum on the houses OWNED throughout the life.

d) Look at any planet placed in the houses of this Planet as this will also give impact (like house owned by the Plant is 10th & Jupiter is sitting in 10th House. Now Natural Karaka of Jupiter is wisdom, intelligence as it signifies Expansion. Let’s say the house owned by Jupiter is 2/5 meaning the 10th house will have a +ve impact of the 2nd & 5th houses also.

Step 2:

a) Association of this Planet with any other planet by Mutual aspect or Conjunction

b) Houses signified by this associated planet will become part of the LIFE.


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