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What is the meaning of “3S" Astrology... “Scientific, Skillful & Sincere”

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

At Defining Future, we always aspire to become a part of you and add value to deliver Investigative, Innovative and Inspiring tailor-made coaching with an approach the transforms your body and soul.

A group of Thought Leaders turning to Astrologer cum Educationalist. Having a background of more than 26+ years of national & International Market experience, expertise in bringing Swiss Army Knife like Life Solutions.

Our long practical learnings of "Bhakti Yoga" and deep study of "Vedas" finally concludes that our whole life cycle moves on 4 wheels. The 4 wheels are Thought Process (नीयत), Actions (नीति), Destiny (नियति) and Challenges (चुनौतियां). The journey of Defining Future starts with aligning and balancing these 4 wheels of the life cycle. The benefit of knowing one's Destiny and Challenges faced thereon is to reduce the pain of coming obstacles if any by choosing the right path paved by our gurus. Knowing and interpreting the future is a well-defined science and an art that comes only by the blessing of the 'Supreme Power'

Our Vision:

To become the most sought after "Leading Change" firm by providing happy peace of Mind and strong mental strength to our valued partners

Our Mission:

To be the world's best "3S" Astrology firm... Scientific, Skillful and Sincere by delivering end to end coaching leading to a happy, smiling and God-loving journey

Redefining the intelligence of Astrology Predictions | Numerology | Business Success | Career Growth | Relations

“Discovery to Action”… A New Age Thought Leadership Astrology.



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